Just hiked Old Rag with my family yesterday.

We are all moving a lot more slowly today! It was a beautiful hike that began with a little insight on the value of canine companionship:

At the parking lot, I opened my door and barely tapped the side view mirror of the car next to me. No damage was done, so I waved an apologetic hello to the driver who then got out to confirm that there was no damage. Apology #2 was answered with the stern advice to “be more careful next time.” OK-I probably deserved that. “Sorry” I repeated, followed by another “be more careful”- a little much for a bump I thought to myself!

Anyway, this old Great Pyrenees ambles over to check out our family and is content to have his head rubbed and hung out next to my daughter until we set off on our hike. Just a good ol’ dog that doesn’t care about mistakes or power plays and is willing to demonstrate to us a little lesson on friendliness. He set the perfect mood for the rest of the day. Pets make us better people!