We recently saw three kittens that were rescued from under a barn. Mom wasn’t around, so they had been struggling to find food, their mouths, and bodies covered with dirt. Our client had cleaned them up and brought them in for exams. Two were pretty feisty and started drinking from a bottle right away. One was disoriented, trembling, and appeared to have a problem with a part of the brain called the cerebellum. However, his body temperature was low (93 F), so we first put him on supplemental warm air heat. That alone corrected most of his symptoms. He also had some blood in his stool, so we started an antibiotic (directions: 1 drop twice a day!) We tube fed him and his siblings for a few days, but now they are all taking the bottle, and the weak one has surpassed the other two in body weight. Here is one of the crew enjoying lunch.