It’s Pet Poison Awareness Month, and the team at Towne Animal Clinic wants to help you help keep your pets safe. While many items around your home seem harmless, some items that can find their way onto the ground can cause serious damage to your pet’s health. We hope that you’ll share this article with fellow pet owners in your life.

1. Acetaminophen

Found in Tylenol and other medicine, this can cause liver damage in dogs and anemia in cats. Be careful around your cats, ingesting too much can be fatal.

2. Chocolate

This is a common one but it’s always good to get a reminder. For the record, dark chocolate is worse than milk and white chocolate, but even cocoa can be toxic if too much is ingested. If ingested, call us immediately. In both cats and dogs too much chocolate can cause seizures and even death.

3. Onions and Garlic

These items do not even need to be ingested to cause issues with your pet – chewing does enough damage. Digesting these items can cause anemia and stomach issues. Next time you’re cooking with either, be sure to keep a close eye on your pets.

4. Chewing Gum, Mints, and Toothpaste

All of these products contain Xylitol, a sweetener that can cause serious issues with your pets! The biggest issue you’ll need to worry about is liver failure. Keep your packs of gum and mints out of range of curious cats and excited dogs.

5. Grapes

Grapes seem innocent enough, right? Think again. Even a small amount of grape juice or a raisin could cause issues as bad as kidney failure in your dog. Be careful with this one, some fruits are okay for dogs to ingest and some are not. Grapes absolutely are the latter.

6. Laundry Detergents

This is an obvious one but also worth mentioning. While laundry detergents used to be liquid and up on a shelf, we’re seeing more detergents in pod format and left under a sink or in a box in the laundry room. Ingesting these items will cause ulcers in your pet’s mouths and stomach.

Towne Animal Clinic is open six days a week and open until 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. If your pet has ingested one of these items, please call us immediately.