Three days ago this little fellow presented for wobbliness and disorientation. Neurologic symptoms are often bad news, especially in three-year-old hamsters, but Hammy seemed to be doing pretty well otherwise, and we wanted to give him a chance. Sometimes these symptoms can be due to an ear infection or stroke, so we recommended oral antibiotics, frequent hand feeding and watering, and a quiet, warm environment. Hammy’s family was headed out of town, though, so we offered to take care of him for a few days.

Hammy is a very friendly hamster. When he is not hanging out in the “sleep house”, he is happy to be held, and over the past 48 hours has made a remarkable recovery. Fortunately, he never lost his appetite so we were encouraged that he might pull through. He is not out of the woods yet, but we are hopeful!

(On a side note, vets often get bitten when handling hamsters. It’s not serious, but it smarts just enough that we are a bit tentative when doing an exam or administering medication. However, Hammy showed not the least tendency to bite, and although this is primarily due to his sweet temperament, I also discovered that he lacks upper incisors!)