I just picked up my son Joseph at the end of a mission year in Atlanta. He will be discerning for the priesthood this summer, so our time together is limited. Yesterday we went to Arlington to clean the gutters on my mom and my daughter’s houses (next door neighbors), then played 18 “holes” of disc golf at nearby Bluemont Park. Our limited experience in the sport led to a mutual comradery as we repeatedly searched for our discs in the woods, but we still had a great time. When we got home my lawnmower’s replacement carburetor had arrived, so we both worked on the installation. (That is Joe’s foot and knee in the “pre” picture that guided us through assembling the linkages.) To our great satisfaction, the mower started on the first pull.

While we were at Bluemont, our family dentist and his daughter (home from college) happened to ride by on their bikes. And later that day when I texted a happy birthday greeting to one of my best friends, he responded that he was spending the day with his daughters and what a gift that was. I couldn’t agree more!