Information for Individual Traveling with Pet

Consignor at place of origin

Required Information

Prior to your appointment for the health certificate for your pet, we need the following information:

Information for Individual Traveling with Pet - Consignor at place of origin
Information for Individual at Destination - Consignee at destination


Please keep in mind, most health certificates will require two appointments with us.

First Appointment

For the first appointment, we will need the following:

  1. Completed information form.
  2. Medical history including Rabies Certificates, Microchip number, and any required test results if a new client.
  3. All forms required by the destination and layover countries. These may be found at the USDA Pet Travel Website but should be confirmed through the Destination Country Embassy, Department of Agriculture, or equivalent.
  4. All forms required by the airlines

Final Appointment

For the Final Exam, if USDA Endorsement is required, also bring:

  1. FedEx overnight envelope addressed to:
    USDA-APHIS-National Import Export Services
    500 New Karner Rd, 2nd Floor
    Albany, NY 12205
    (518) 218-7540
  2. Self-address FedEx return envelope. Check or money order for endorsement. Please call (518) 218-7540 for clarification if needed.