Feline Friendly

What makes Towne feline friendly?


  • A staff that loves cats!
  • Separate feline exam room
    • Free of dog odors
    • Calming magnetic matt
    • Built in table scale for in-room weighing
  • Waiting area for cats away from hospital entrance
  • Non-oral medication options
    • Long-acting injections
    • Transdermal gels (prescription)
  • Quiet, cat-only boarding room with privacy from other patients and separate sleeping/eating and litter box spaces.
  • Cat-specific pain management and anesthesia
  • Cat-size warm air heating blankets for surgery
  • Digital radiology for fast, stress-free x-rays
  • Ultrasonography for pain-free, non-invasive cardiac and abdominal diagnostics
  • Tonopen technology for rapid glaucoma evaluation
  • Wide selection of prescription diets for cats
  • Digital dental radiology for full mouth dental evaluations
  • Over 35 years of combined feline experience.


What can I do to make my visit stress-free?


  • Always use a carrier to transport your kitty. This keeps your companion safe and prevents unwelcome car “scenes.”
  • If you have trouble getting your cat in a carrier,
    • Use a different type of carrier that is easy to assemble/disassemble or that is more/less rigid.
    • Wrap your cat in a towel, then place him/her in the carrier
    • Keep the carrier out and place food or treats inside to get your cat used to it.
    • Use Feliway Spray in and around the carrier. This cat pheromone has an appeasing effect.
  • Talk to us about antianxiety medication that you can give before your visit.
  • Withhold food for 8 hours before the appointment to minimize vomiting. If we need to run any lab tests or take x-rays, an empty stomach is also helpful.
  • If your cat is particularly anxious, we can give a safe sedative to make for a relaxing visit, even with (and especially with!) older or ill patients.


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Sunday: Closed


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