6am– Awaken, shower, dress, eat
7am–Leave to drop off boys at their carpool for school
7:15-7:45–Listen to book on tape (currently Red Mars)
7:45–Morning period of meditation in car before going into work
Vomiting dog emergency and hospitalization, x-rays, ultrasound
Call about dental scaler repair
Two very friendly pit bulls for vaccine visit
Call Saturday’s client about thyroid levels and plan for additional diagnostics
Second cup of coffee–only 2 sips
New (extremely cute) Puppy Visit
Dog Puncture wounds from other dogs attacks
Noon–Enter Quickbooks entries from Saturday.

12:30-2–Lunch meeting with Dr Bollenbeck

2:30–Cat ear injury surgery, Finally get to put on tie and doctors jacket!


Cat paw injury and x-rays
Tremoring older dog exam
Neurologic exam on middle aged dog
Ear recheck-resolved!
Dental recheck-resolved!
Senior exam and Mast Cell Tumor treatment plan
Fill out scaler loaner paperwork and have techs ship out scaler for repair
Type up Vaccine policy changes for staff meeting
Approve amlodipine dispense
8pm-type up blog

8:15-8:45 More book on tape

8:45-Spouse and kid time

I love this life.